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Congratulations to our top 3 voters of April! Thank you for voting for us and keep up the voting!

#1 MrGreen96 with 64 votes
#2 Thejokeerr with 64 votes
#3 Bissam with 64 votes

You can choose to get $20 buycraft coupon or a free donor rankup. Please private message me on skype, discord or forums.


As you can see in the title that we are looking for new staff members. We are accepting three helpers and one moderator. Staff member position requires businesslike, +15 years of age, dedicated, trustworthy and basic knowledge of servers and commands.

Click here to apply.

Best regards, DuB.

Hey fellas!

We are looking for about 15 beta tester to test out our server. The reason we are testing the server is finding most of the bugs and maybe come up with some great ideas for the server. Were looking for an experienced player that knows how the server works and thinks realistically. If you think you are that person please send me a private message through forums. Also, tell me little about yourself and let me know why we should hire you as a beta tester. For beta tester will get 1000 crystals once the server opens. Obviously, you will lose all gain items in the server.

Beta tests starts on April 10th and ends on April 14th.

Current beta testers:
- QbM, joerkig, thejokeerr, FactionsSupport, Zulfqar, Blankp8ge, shmkane, NitroX_09, JoeIsYourDaddy, YoshiV2, asasination3, Bissam, ThisIsEpic
Best regards,

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