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In game rules:

Do not hack/cheat. (30 days ban)

Do not be racist or sexist. (1-30 days mute)

Do not abuse glitches/bugs. (10 days ban)

Do not spam in chat. (1-7 days mute)

Do not ask for OP, staff, or items from staff.(1h-48h mute)

Do not Ddos or Dox. (30 days ban)

Do not advertise other servers or websites. (30 days mute)

Do not ban evade. (Permanent ban)

Use English in main chat. You may use /msg for other languages. (1h-48h mute)

Scamming is allowed, Use /trade to prevent a scam. However scamming real money is not allowed. (Permanent ban)

Please don't use inappropriate skins or names. (7 days ban)

Don't encourage or wish death threats upon others. (7-30 days mute)

Do not lie to staff members.

Respect all players.

Use common sense.

Last update: 04/18/2017